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Refreshing Drinks To Beat Desert Heat

Well I mean it’s like they say “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere.”

It just wouldn't feel complete with a bar full of refreshing drinks that help you get your buzz on! We all have Happy Hour Monday - Friday to help you get through the week.

As always please drink responsibly 


Grove is great, it has honestly become our Sunday go to spot. The Jicama Pork Belly tacos & Mimosas are the  perfect way to beat a "hungover".

— Abraham D.


We love it here! We have been ordering for pick up since the beginning of quarantine. The pizza is so good it never survives the ride home.

— Bonnie B.

The food is amazing! Especially my favorite, the Jicama Pork Belly tacos. Also there aren't too many places in El Paso that give you that "breath of fresh air" type of ambience. 

— Jessica Guinevere V.


Grove has become one of my favorite spots for a nice juicy burger, always cooked perfectly to my liking. The restaurant is so unique it is almost an out of town experience. 

---- AnaLaura S.

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